was not an evap line

I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I SHOULD was not an evap line TAKE MY OWN ADVICE SOMETIMES!:D And so should you, in this situation! :) Ladies, my cautionary tale, for your enjoyment:


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Every modern Vespa is designed in such a way that it's very easy to overflow the gas tank while filling up. There are definitely things you can do to avoid over-filling the .

Definition, Description, Diagnose and Repair Information for P0456 - EVAP Control System Leak Detected Very Small Leak OBDII code | HelpForCars.net

Best Answer: I have seen many of the Rodeo's purge valves malfunction causing rough idle and that clicking coming from the valve. It is not normal behavior for that was not an evap line .

do not was not an evap line replace the canister. this code sets when the ldp switch does not close when the vacuum is let into the ldp. an evap leak will not set this code.

This may be useful if you are suspecting you have vacuum hose connection problems. If you only have a CAI, nothing should be capped off, or left dang.

Tuning & Tech > DIY: Do It Yourself . I downloaded the OBDII code and discovered that I need to replace my Evaporative . Why don't you check the fuel tank breather line .

Evap system code P1457 '96-'00 Civic Car Forums . Hi, I have a 2000 Civic Si with 63k. Last week the CEL (MIL) light came on.

The "check cap" light came on a long trip. I checked the cap, reset the MIL. Everything fine for the next 500 miles, then CEL comes on.

I spent a lot of time on this, I hope it will be helpful. This is the guide I put together to be used in
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