cat fault code on audi

Have read the code 00668 on my T5 Transporter, whats' it mean?


Ford Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs (fault codes) Chassis 'C' Fault Codes - Ford ABS, Traction Control, Ride Height etc. C0869 Air suspension auxiliary inflator indicator .

Peugeot PSA EOBD P Codes . P1000. EDC15C2 - CAN communication. Automatic gearbox. P1003. EDC15C2 - External intervention on the flow.

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My car is a 12/2005 A4 2.0 blb.I have been plagued with a intermittent misfire on . I don't know the audi EGR but if it's the same electrically operated one found on VW's . cat fault code on audi

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Check Engine Light is on with Fault Code P0420 If you find that the Check Engine Light (MIL) is on with fault code P0420 (16804) stored in the fault memory .

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VW_AUDI; 00000: No DTC Recognized: 00257: ABS Inlet Valve - Left Front (N101) 00258: P0753: Shift Solenoid 1 - Open Circuit or Short to Ground or B+ (N88) 00259

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Can anyone tell me the flash sequence codes for the Check Engine display? I have tried searching the forum archives however maybe I am missing the obvious. I had no trouble .

good quality Obd2 cat fault code on audi Code Readers from Shenzhen Leagend Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. - China Obd ii cat fault code on audi Code Readers exporter,China Automotive Diagnostic Code Reader market,China Auto .

Question - Audi fault code p0431 & p0421. Rich air/fuel ratio, cat efficiency. Find the answer to this and other Audi questions on JustAnswer.

Hi there, I've got a problem with my indicators. When I go to indicate generally they only ever flash once then stop. Sometimes it doesn't indicate at

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